Distance learning

Dear colleagues!

Because of situation in Ukraine, some students are allowed to have distance classes.

The lesson consists of the next components:

1) video conference in Google meet (held on the day of the class according to the schedule)

2) test control on the topic of the lesson (you can pass in the Moodle)

3) answer for a situational task

Every day, each student receives from his teacher in the Moodle situational task. Not later than the day after the date of the class, the student must upload the answer to Moodle, in the proper topic of lesson (http://moodle.dma.dp.ua/course/view.php?id=570) and pass tests to the topic.

During the next day, the teacher checks the delivered work, informs the student about his current grade and puts the grade into the electronic journal.


Participation in the Google meet video conference is obligatory!

The absence of a student at the videoconference is regarded as absence at classes with the obtaining of нб.

For timely obtaining of tasks send before the cycle beginning your email address and contact phone number to the next mailbox:

All the information received will be absolutely confidential and only your teacher will have access to it.

Calendar-thematic plans, a list of questions and tasks for students

In the folder "library" you can download the national textbook "Ophthalmology" for English-speaking students; Ophthalmology Manual for students of the medical faculty, and viseolectures by the department staff provided by the curriculum.

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In the folder "video lectures" there are video of the department lectures for the students and video of the main practical skills

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The folder "manuals" contains guidelines for the study of particular topics and a list of questions on the topic of each lesson

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The folder "photo illustrations" contains illustrative materials for practical lessons

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The folder "video" contains links to training videos and audio lectures on the YouTube channel, distributed by topics of lessons

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The folder "tests" contains the MCQ-tests database for self-monitoring of students' knowledge on ophthalmology, ranked by topic.

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